Monday, 29 April 2013

STYLE GUDE: How to be Chic 

Being chic is not about the most fashionable clothes, it's about what makes you feel comfortable and what style suits you.

The key word here is STYLE.

Here are a few tips on how you can achieve that:

1. What are you revealing? These days show flesh is fresh *feel the rhyme?* Lol. However, it must be done with tact. If you're showing cleavage then cover you legs and if your thighs are out cover your bosom. Showing both at once is tacky.

2. Put on accessories that clash a key color in what you are wearing. Lovely flower accessories are great for looking chic. Wear pearls in the day and wear diamonds at night. They don't have to be real, but just make them gleam.

3. Rear view. You have to check all angles in the mirror to ensure everything is in order. Make sure you check every angle in the mirror before you leave the house. As a lady people are watching you in 3D and as such every view MUST be the perfect one. If you know what I mean.

4. Look natural and light. Wear light makeup. Only wear concealer, foundation, and mascara. And wear light perfume that is fresh and feminine.

5. The Little black dress. If your wardrobe has only one fashion item in it; like the Michael Jackson movie "This is it." I know it sounds cliche but it's the gospel truth.

6.  Most importantly, show off your beautiful smile and sweet personality. Be an interesting conversationalist by being genuinely interested in the other person and don't be fake or pretentious. A beautiful personality is the final key to being truly chic.

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